Website Maintenance

To make your life easier, we can work with your website hosting company as well as a domain name registrar on your behalf. You would then have only 1 contact to deal with for all your web site related needs. Call us >>


General Maintenance

Content Management Systems can be free but have to be upgraded  every 6 to 12 months when the new and more secure version get  published. It can prevent high jacking of your website for spamming activities, for example.  We can upgrade your software, make  regular back-ups, and keep you updated.

For more details see this link: "Menace" of Hacking


Adding (inter)activity on your web site is important. Regular updates of your articles, events, calender or a blog will keep people coming  back!  Mailing lists and social media are also useful for getting the word out. If there is a need, we can maintain your communication tools for you >>

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