Website Design and Development

Your ideas matter

The process usually starts with your ideas about what it is supposed to do for you and what your aduences already do on the Internet. For exemple, do they only use email and browse the Internet or they are active on Facebook or Twitter. Then we would talk about the desired website layout, how it should look like and what functions it should perform. We would then begin with the creation of the template or the visual presentation of the pages on the website.


If you already have a website but wish to be able to frequently update the content yourself and to gain more control over communication with readers and users, we can recreate, or migrate your website into a Content Management System such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal.

Building it together

If you have all the materials ready, content, images, photos, or video,  we can complete the first version of the site and guide you through updating it afterwards. If you feel ready to do it yourself right from the start, we can support  you through the initial content integration, but the coaching process would  take more time and be a bit more costly. On the other hand, it could save you some spending on the training.


Installation of different functions to the web site can come in the end,  such as translation modules, photo galleries, document repositories, newsletters and mailing, forms, maps, wikis, blogs, etc.

Social Media Integration

Depending on your needs, projects and audiences, we can support you in creating and managing Facebook, Twitter or Flicker accounts. We would apply the same design of your web site to your blog, wiki or forum pages to make it consistent with your Web image. Want to share videos, presentations or photos, there are many ways to do it affordably through web-based applications such as Flickr, SlideShare or YouTube.


In the end we would test all the features of your website, work on basic search engine optimisation and cross browser checking to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Time frame and deadlines are our mutual responsibility. You will always know what's being done with your website and have access to it during design and development. Let's meet and design a project together >>

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